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look what i found! A new documentary on climage change, the energy… - Space Advocating

About look what i found! A new documentary on climage change, the energy…

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look what i found!

A new documentary on climage change, the energy crisis and how colonizing the Moon can solve many of our problems on Earth. found at http://www.gaiaselene.com

There are two and a half ways to save the earth, and two of them are on the moon.
Earth Scientists, space scientists, futurists and visionaries elucidate the challenges facing us as a species and threatening our home planet.

How will we feed, house and employ ten billion humans by the year 2050?
What happens when the oil runs out?
The threats of nuclear fission.
Our effect on the environment, the health of the planet and our fellow creatures.
By 2050 we will need three times a much power and it will have to be three times as clean. There is no earthly technology capable of coming on line by the year 2050 that can solve our energy problem.
In the next hundred years there's one chance in four hundred and fifty five of a species ending-cosmic event.

But don't worry.
We've developed Space Techology. We've developed a way to turn a cosmic threat into an asset. When we learn what we need to, to colonize the moon, we will be able to use that knowledge to protect our home planet.
This new work, for the first time, expresses clear solutions to the crises facing us.
Space Solar Power is clean, renewable, and could replace polluting fossile fuel plants.
Lunar Solar collectors built of lunar material will microwave power to earth.
Power from Moondust. Four tons of 3Helium could power the U.S. for a year in Fusion Reactors and would be worth 8 Billion Dollars.
We can and will do it. It's not rocket science anymore.

How will we live and work on the moon. What it will be like to fly in lunar gravity. Why we will live in lavatubes under the surface. How we can travel a thousand miles an hour in maglev bullet trains. Why the Moon is a stepping stone to the Solar System, to nearby Stars, to the Future.

"The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth". The Rest....is Ours!"

Emmy Award Winning Documentary Producer/Director Charles Proser presents a new documentary on the exciting New Frontier and the future of "Homo Spaciens".
Dr. Alan Binder.....Principal Investigator - Lunar Prospector * Dr. Martin Hoffert....New York University * Daniel Lashof.....Natural Resources Defense Council * Dr. David Lockbaum.....Union of Concerned Scientists * Dr. Gerald Kulcinski..... Nuclear Fusion Laboratory, University of Wisconsin * Dr. David Criswell.....Lunar and Planetary Institute; University of Houston * Dr. Bradley Edwards.....Institute for Scientific Research / Carbon Graphics * John C. Hemry, Author * Dr. David Schrunk....."The Moon, its Resources, Colonization" * Dr. Paul Spudis, Johns Hopkins University,The Presidential Commission on Space * Mark Solter, Astrominer * Peter Kokh, The Moon Society * Dr. John Lewis....."Mining the Sky...University of Arizona * Dr. Patrick Collins.....SpaceFuture.com; Tokyo University
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Date:February 12th, 2005 08:07 pm (UTC)

How long will NASA be with us?

Greeting Space Advocates,

I read over some of your recent journal entries and have a few questions/comments. The history of the U.S. Space Agency has been fraught with success and failures since it's creation. I've been reading a lot of www.nasawatch.com and have friends that work for NASA. It would seem that our government might not be managing our funds and resources in our best interests. The Space Agency has 10 Centers scattered across the country. If you have read NASA watch recently you might have noticed the postings from several of the Centers regarding lay offs. This is but the tip of a looming iceberg. We as tax payers should have an interest in how our elected officials spend out tax dollars. The NASA charter has been the protection of Earth and the Exploration of Space for many years. Recently under the latest round of administration this focus seems to have changed. As it's outward focus seems to be shifting, it's awareness of it's internal problems are ignored or left unchecked and left for the next administration to correct. One of the biggest issues is Employment. Specifically Employee retention. How many of us have jobs that we can not be fired from without HUGE amounts of work and stress placed upon management. The NASA Employees do. There are employees at NASA who have had no job for more than a DECADE. They sit in offices and use their computers to read the news and talk on the phone and collect a salary and accumulate a pension. These employees are dragging NASA into the ground. The current talk of lay offs is the beginning.
If the management and administration of NASA can not clean up this problem the next topic on the table will be Center closures.

I would like to one day be able to be a tourist in space or on the moon. If we leave it over to commercial enterprises that day MIGHT come, but at what cost? The Tax Payers have a vested interest in expressing their concerns to the elected officials about these concerns.

How do we expect to explore space while dragging along a bunch of dead wood with us?
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